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Giving peace of mind to businesses around the world

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Tax compliance made simple

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Know exactly where to register

Lose the confusion. BetFiery tracks your tax liability in real time, so it’s crystal clear where you have tax obligations. If you need to register in a new place, we alert you proactively. Our registration partners can help you with the paperwork, too.

See all countries where you could be liable for sales tax, VAT or GST

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Calculate and collect taxes automatically

No more Googling for a tax rate! BetFiery applies the correct local tax rate to every sale, and the tax is calculated instantly during checkout. And we do mean every sale – our database covers more than 14,000 tax jurisdictions worldwide!

See how we can help you calculate the right tax rate anytime

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File taxes with ease and clarity

Take the guesswork and anxiety out of tax returns. With BetFiery reporting, you know exactly how much sales tax, VAT or GST you’ve collected – and how much you owe. You can easily file taxes on your own, with your accountant, or with one of our trusted partners.

See how you can file your taxes in minutes, not in hours

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Send automatic invoices to your customers

Save time and boost your customers’ experience with BetFiery’s automatic invoicing! Receipts sent directly after the sale? Check. Customized to your brand? Check. And not only do these invoices comply with local tax rules – they’re also translated to your customer’s language and currency!

Learn how BetFiery can automate your invoicing

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Being able to comply with tax regulations globally means we have a larger target market, and not having to manage tax for each transaction saves us hours of work.

Sabba Keynejad Founder and CEO
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Quick setup with BetFiery

To get started, just send your sales data to BetFiery and connect your key sales platforms or payment processors. You can do this by uploading a spreadsheet, choosing any of our easy integrations, or using our API.

Connect as many sales channels as you need. Once that’s done, BetFiery begins automating your tax compliance. And you can kiss the stress goodbye!

Ready to save time, gain clarity and lose the stress?

Yeah, you are. We can help. Automate your tax process now with a free trial of BetFiery.

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